Best Outdoor Decking Material Options in 2022

In ancient times, wood was the only choice for decking. But now, there are a lot of decking material options available. They range from composite, plastic to even aluminum types of decking material. Decks make your home look beautiful, so do proper research before selecting the best outdoor decking material. It must suit your house and should be easy to maintain and clean. Learn here the top 5 types of best decking material 2022.

Types Of Outdoor Decking Material Options in 2022

Wood Deck Flooring

Wood Deck Flooring

Wood is the most common option for deck flooring as it is strong and allows easy installation. It also gives a good feel while walking barefoot.

You need to clean this wood flooring professionally once per year. Else, it will form cracks, rotten down, or deform its shape.

Mainly, all wood deckings turn gray. To maintain their look, you need to re-stain and clean them every 2 to 3 years.

 Pressure Treated Wood Decking

Pressure Treated Wood Decking

It is the cheapest wood decking material that can remain intact for at least 15 years.

Southern yellow pine, when processed, gives pressure-treated wood. But, they can easily crack if it lacks proper care.

If you are attaching this type of wood decking, wear proper gloves and a mask. Or, consult a professional deck flooring contractor instead.

Don’t ever try to burn this wood because it can release toxic chemicals harmful to health. These chemicals are naturally filled in this wood to prevent the growth of rots and termites.

Redwood And Cedar Deck Flooring

Redwood And Cedar Deck Flooring

This type of wood is better than pressure-treated wood and can last for 20 years.

Both redwood and cedar have a similar origin and follow similar characteristics. They are soft and can easily damage by heavy foot traffic in your residential or commercial places.

These types of woods contain less natural oil. Thus, they can be stained easily. Yet, it is a preferred deck flooring installation among people.

Redwood is the best fire-resistant wood. But, both of these woods need power washing, sanding, and re-finishing touch every three years.

Composite Decking Floor

Composite Decking Floor

Composite wood comes from a combination of plastic and waste wood fibers. It is sturdy, does not crack, and attracts stains easily.

It is an expensive wood decking and needs daily scrubbing to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Composite wood is not stiff like wood and moves fast in weather change situations.

Plastic Deck Material

Plastic Deck Material

It is known as the cellular PVC vinyl decking type. This type of plastic is safe for the environment. It does not contain any wood inside.

Mainly, plastic decking is long-lasting and is more durable than composite decking. Hence, it is one of the preferable deck flooring options.

It does not crack and does not need much maintenance but requires cleaning once throughout the year.

What is the best decking for the outdoors?

Wood continues to be a popular pick for the bulk of deck-building undertakings in 2022, despite a slight deviation in the fashion. Wood is the planet’s only completely renewable dominant construction material that grows organically!

For any deck construction, there are several different types of hardwood to pick. The pricing, appearances, and accessibility range greatly for various woods.

Most enthusiasts like cedar and redwood decks because of their beautiful, rich hue. Cedarwood has a beautiful natural color and is commonly accessible in the United States. It is also exceedingly light while remaining sturdy, making it excellent for use in adverse weather.

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