How To Design A Fire Pit With Stones?

The addition of a fire pit to your backyard makes the house look more beautiful. Sitting in front of fire pits in the winter evenings and chatting with your friends makes a warm atmosphere around. Some questions like “ Which material should be used to design a fire pit?” or “Can you build a fire pit with stones?” may awake in your mind. In this blog, you will study the step-by-step process on how to design a fire pit with stones”.

Step-by-Step Process on How To Design a Fire Pit With Stones

  1. First, purchase the stones that you will use to design a fire pit. Also, see its proper size, shape, and location based on your choice of fire pit design.
  2. Directly insert a rebar piece in the middle position of the firepit. Then, measure the string length with the diameter of the firepit and cut it in half.
  3. Take a loop at one end side of the spring and then slip the loop around the rebar. Now, the other end of the string should be attached to landscape spray paint.
  4. Cut inside the paint area up to 6 inches in depth. Then, cut down the other piece of string that takes the measure of the first string length piece minus the fire pit wall thickness.
  5. Make a premixed cement and spread it in between the inside and outside circles. After this, continue adding cement unless it levels up to 1½ inches.
  6. Put 2-foot pieces of rebar into the wet cement and allow it to mix completely from different points. This should cover the whole footer area and then let it dry.
  7. After placing the face stones, create the first fire brick row. Use mortar on one side to place the next fire brick behind the first brick. Then, press it into the mortar. Check the level and remove excess mortar. Continue building the bricks layer in this manner.
  8. Fill all the gaps and spaces between the layers with the adhesives or mortar and also apply it to the top layer of the fire pit layer.
  9. Lay the capstones(small stones) into the mortar. Also, apply mortar between the joints of capstones. Then, with the help of a stiff brush remove the extra mortar layer.
  10. Spray water inside the fire pit area. This will not allow dust to form on the stones. Once the water dries, spray black stove paint in the interior of the fire pit.

Mainly, stone fire pits are designed near river lake places, also there are many backyard fire pit landscape designs available for your house.

Feeling Hectic To Design a Fire Pit On Your Own? Avail Professional Help!

You may follow the process explained here, but it requires the best materials, tools, and knowledge of building a fire pit. Sometimes you may search for “what stones are good for firepits” or how to use these stones. Hence, grab the amazing professional fire pit design services at BNC Builders Inc located in Escondido.

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