How To Build a Patio Cover Step By Step?

Building a patio cover is a beautiful addition to your home decor and surrounding. It keeps the environment cool and also regulates the flow of heat passing through the windows nearby the house. Mainly, patio covers to protect you from direct sun rays or rain.

Moreover, one can build patio roofs of any material like wood, aluminum, or canvas. One may search on “how do you build a detached patio cover” on your own. Learn here how to build a patio cover step by step.

Know-How To Build A Patio Cover Step By Step

Mark the field area that is perfectly suitable for your roofs. Then, specify the dimensions and space that will be covered by your patio area.

Solidify the foundation by the use of cemented anchors.

Fasten the 4×4 feet post in the foundation and then attach these posts properly to their respective base level.

Design the support bar to fit double 2×12 inch boards along with the roofline.

Measure the rafter border and keep it exactly 2 feet from the center.

Cut proper size balks and their rear part based on the roof pitch design.

Shape the ridge properly and set each rafter in its place.

Do give the shape to fit the blocks in the proper space that fixes between the rafter tails. Keep drilling the 3½-inch hole gap from the center of each drafter.

Align the metal screening piece with every ½ drilled block interior shape.

Install 5×8 inch rooftop garlanding.

Mount the appropriate flashing between every patio and existing roofline intersections.

Take the measure of your roof dimensions and then appropriately cut the size of tarpaulin paper. Then, install this paper starting from its lowermost to the top part and leave a 6-inch long overlay on both sides.

Install the shingles at strategic alignments and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Start from the top and install the roof jack exactly 2 feet above the ridgeline.

Now do the roofing underside and build your preferable choice of sheathing.

Wrap the post base using ⅙ inch board which must be cut within appropriate lengths.

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Patio Covers

As you have seen the step-by-step procedure to build a patio cover, so you may try it on your own. But, trying these steps on your own at home is risky as you need proper tools and experience. Also, there are many reasons to build patio covers at home. There are mainly two steps you need to carry out to maintain your patio covers.

  • Clean your patio covers regularly
  • Make sure you eliminate mildew and mold if found on your patio covers

However, Professionals are well-trained, skilled, and have the proper knowledge to use tools for building a patio cover. They aim to provide the best service around the area. Call them for free advice or a quote.

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