Effective Ways To Keep Sunroom Cool In Summer

Even if the sun is glaring outside, a sunroom is supposed to be cool. That is the only purpose of a sunroom regardless of the surrounding temperature. If your sunroom fails to do that, you need to be accustomed to the benefits of having a sunroom. So, to save yourself from the heat, learn below how to keep sunroom cool in summer.

How To Keep Sunroom Cool In Summer

1) Improve The Airflow Of Your Sunroom

Without proper airflow, the sunroom gets hot in summer because the hot air gets trapped. To improve the airflow, you will have to place ceiling fans on the floors so that the movement of the air goes upwards.

Get the air vents installed in the ceiling to draw warm air upwards. You can also opt for an exhaust fan inside the vents to accelerate air movement.

2) Install Blinds and Vents

Choose blinds that filter out the light so the amount of direct sunlight reduces. Blinds increase the sunroom’s privacy. Blinds should be in combination with vents to get the best results. Installing blinds is expensive but is quite worthwhile in the longer term.

3) Install Window Tints Or Insulated Windows

While some suggest the installation of blinds to block the direct sunlight that comes piercing in during the summers, it can be counterproductive to the concept of a sunroom. Although there is a better and more effective solution on how to keep sunroom cool in summer.

Tinting the windows of your sunroom is similar to installing blinds. Moreover, you can also adjust the volume of light, a tinted window will admit. A similar solution to window tint is installing insulated windows. Insulated windows keep warm air outside during summer and cold air outside during winter.

4) Install A Portable Cooling System

You can also consider investing in cooling systems to attain your dream sunroom ambiance. If you install a cooling system, you can keep the ideal temperature (as per your convenience) of the sunroom different from your home. You can keep the mini-split as it is ductless and easy to install.

It also loses less energy. You can also install a window unit as it is less expensive and easy to install and remove. If the walls or windows cannot handle the AC units, you should get a new portable AC.

5) Install Ceiling Fans and Dehumidifier

Ceiling fans remove the warm air through the vents. Working ceiling fans and blinds together will make the sunroom cooler. When you enter the sunroom and it is too hot, then it is because of excess moisture in the air. Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air. If ceiling fans and dehumidifiers run parallel, then the coolness in the sunroom increases.

Summing Up

In summer, the sunlight can make a sunroom toasty and impossible to enter. Thus if you are looking to understand how to keep the sunroom cool in summer, there are inexpensive solutions mentioned in this blog.

However, if these solutions don’t work you can consider hiring a professional for modifying your sunroom in such a way it remains cool during the summer.

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