Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Larger

Small kitchens can feel frustrating, especially when you feel there is no storage space. But there are some simple ways to make the kitchen feel roomier despite the small space.

In this blog, we have explored some of these remodeling tips to help make your space feel larger. It will make your kitchen look larger with minimal effort and give it the illusion of a bigger space.

Kitchen Remodel Tips To Make Your Space Feel Larger

⇒ Use Lighter Paint

Using paint and coloring your kitchen is a simple way to make it feel larger. You can use light, neutral shades to give an illusion of airy and open space. White, pale gray, and beige are all great options to increase your kitchen’s size.

Other ways to incorporate paint are to use light-colored cabinets, paint the ceiling white, and apply lighter shades to the walls, countertops, and backsplashes.

⇒ Add Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into your kitchen design will give it the illusion of a bigger space, just like you get the illusion of a never-ending passage in a mirror maze. You can do this by placing a mirror in the corner of your kitchen or adding a mirrored backsplash.

⇒ Opt for Open Shelves

Closed cabinets and opaque storage spaces are the things that make your kitchen look busier and crowded. Removing the doors, keeping the shelves open, or using glass doors are great options to make the area look bigger.

They will create an open atmosphere and increase the storage space. You only need to take care of keeping these spaces decluttered.

⇒ Widen Space with Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines give the perception of space and depth. The same is true for horizontal lines in small kitchens. You can add these lines in various ways by painting them, choosing a marble design with the pattern, or other similar methods.

⇒ Combine Kitchen with Outdoors

If your kitchen connects to an outdoor space, you are in luck. It means you can combine the two areas to create a single space for cooking and recreation. You can do this by adding a simple French door between the two.

You can use this combined place to host gatherings and for open-air cooking. It can boost the kitchen space by a huge margin without affecting your pocket.

⇒ Innovate With the Storage Space

The biggest issue with small kitchen space is storage. To prevent your kitchen from looking smaller, you should declutter it regularly and organize it in a manner that helps maximize the available storage space.

A great way to make room for more storage is to hollow out the walls and use them as a storage space. You can cover them with glass doors to give more aesthetic appeal.

⇒ Invest in Accent Lights

Lighting is an important factor that affects our perception of the space, as it removes shadows, making the space feel larger. So, place some accent lights below the shelvings and cabinets to open up the space.

BNC Builders Inc. has years of experience in handling kitchen remodeling projects. Our experts can advise you regarding the renovation plan best suited for your small kitchen and execute it flawlessly. With our creativity, we will open up your small kitchen and make it feel larger than its size. So contact us at (760) 871-5480 to book your service.

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