Know The Gas Fire Pit Installation Cost

A fire pit built from natural gas or propane gas produces warmth in the chilled nights of spring and fall seasons. It makes your backyard look attractive and the best gathering point with your friends and family members. You can relax and enjoy the hot tea and coffee under the warm atmosphere created by these fire pits during winters. You may call a professional to install the fire pit of your choice easily.

However, before hiring a professional you may think about the fire pit installation cost. So, there are different factors on which the cost depends like material, size, labor requirement, installation charge, tools needed, etc. Know here the average gas fire pit installation cost.

Factors Affecting Gas Fire Pit Installation Cost

♦ Type and Style of Materials Used

The type of fire pit plays a significant role in installation cost. There are mainly 2 types of building a fire pit. One is above the ground that costs between $200-$1500 and another is inside the ground that costs between $1000-$3000.

The style of the material comes in many custom ranges like concrete blocks, stainless steel, brick, and fieldstones. Stainless steel is a popular type because of its durability, lightweight, and weather resistance properties. Its installation ranges on average from $250 to $1,200.

♦ Size of the Fire Pit

Depending on the range of area located in your backyard or front yard, the fire pit size is decided. The size starts from 36 inches up to 48 inches. The built-in fire pits cost between $200 to $2000.

For the diameter range of 36 inches, the cost is $200-$900. Then, for 40 inches, the price is from $165 to $1300. The last size of the fire pit is 48 inches which cost between $250 to $2000.

♦ Fuel Type of Fire Pit

There are many fuel choices for fire pits. They are charcoal, propane, wood-burning, electric, and natural gas fuels. Mainly, wood is the oldest fuel type used in fire pits. Else, it depends on your personal choice to select the best fuel for the fire pits. Also, sometimes the fuel selection is based on how much gas a fire pit uses every time.

If you use natural gas fuel, then the gas fire pit installation will cost from $400 to $3000. This is the most efficient fuel type that produces no smoke, sparks, or ashes while burning. Hence, it remains the favorite choice among people for their backyard fire pit designs.

Searching For Affordable And Quality Gas Fire Pit Installation Services?

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