How much does Landscaping and Hardscaping Design cost?

Having your exteriors turned into a beautiful oasis is certainly a good decision. On top of that, if you are hiring landscaping professionals for your design goals, it will be even better. With their expertise, they can help exactly achieve your vision and elevate your property’s appearance while making the best out of your space.

While landscaping adds up to a 20% increase in your property value, you may still be concerned about the cost of your landscaping project. In a nutshell, the average cost of hiring a landscape designer starts from $1,950 to over $7,220.

But the exact one will vary based on many affecting aspects including the size, features, time, experience, etc.

Factors Impacting The cost of Landscaping and Hardscaping Design and Construction

⇸ The Size of your Backyard:

As the size of the backyard increases, so does the landscaping design cost. It will also take more time to build. Many designers charge on an hourly basis and many on an area measurement.

If you have a huge backyard or if it is circular or odd-shaped with slopes and hills, the measurements will be tricky and can cost more.

⇸ The Features like a Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, and Pool:

Designing a plain backyard won’t cost you much. However, if you add more design features to it, then the design costs will definitely increase. It takes a different amount of labor to design different features.

The cost will vary depending on whether it’s a simple, basic fence or a complex pergola. The gas fire pit installation cost will be lesser than that of xeriscaping for instance. The more features and the more complicated they are, the costlier they will get.

⇸ Building Materials and Plants:

When you hire a landscape designer, they use different building materials and plants to create a scenic backyard. Exotic plants and imported materials, most likely, increase the overall cost of the project.

Many designers charge extra for building materials. Moreover, it depends on both their quality and quantity.

⇸ Your Current Location:

If your physical location is far away from the local landscaping company you have hired, then this will increase the cost. That’s because the builders will also take the cost of transportation into account.

⇸ Time of The Year:

Landscape designers are mostly busy in spring and summer. If you ask for services in such a period, they will cost you higher. The more the demand, the pricier it gets for your landscaping design.

⇸ Condition of your Area:

Many homes have carelessly kept backyards that they want to turn into a garden or better landscapes. Such backyards in a rough and damaged state need to first come to a workable area by restoring the area.

Thereafter, the designers can execute the installation of a design of your choice. This double labor may elevate the landscaping prices a bit.

⇸ Experienced Designers:

Along with your design requirements, the level of expertise of an architect will also affect the overall cost. A highly-experienced team will certainly have more knowledge and expertise along with quality.

That will demand much more than a new designer with just a few months’ practice.

Tips to Save Landscaping Design cost:

  • Invest in simple yet alluring designs; consult a professional for a cost-effective idea.
  • Choose hardscaping over greenery; it’s cheaper and easier to maintain. Prefer permeable hardscapes.
  • Start your project in a less demanding time of the year, preferably winter.
  • Continue/extend an existing structure instead of creating an entirely new one.
  • Work with existing trees.
  • Reuse the build materials to save on supply costs.
  • Hire a qualified professional for an intelligent and effective design while also receiving beauty and functionality.
  • Plan ahead to ensure what you require and what’s the limit.

Turn your Dream Landscape into Reality with us!

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